We provide comprehensive asbestos related services including inspection, risk assessment, development of management plans, preparing specifications for removal, and air monitoring.

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Brownfields Redevelopment

We provide services to assist municipalities and developers in identifying and obtaining funding sources, implementing environmental site assessments, preparing and where appropriate, remedial investigations, and remedial action plans.


Environmental Site Assessments

We provide Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to evaluate and quantify the presence and/or extent of potential chemical contamination.

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Indoor Air Quality

We conduct indoor air quality (IAQ) sampling, monitoring and remediation to evaluate potential health impacts of building occupants for businesses and property managers.

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INdustrial Compliance

We offer an affordable Environmental Compliance Screening (ECS) program designed to identify specific areas of potential environmental noncompliance within your operation. The ECS program promotes your company's awareness of its compliance status regarding the most commonplace industrial environmental regulations.


INdustrial Hygiene

We offer a complete, comprehensive evaluation of your air quality concerns through workplace assessments of physical hazards and ergonomic studies.


Landfill Services

We provide a comprehensive range of design, installation, operations, maintenance and technical services for landfill environmental and landfill gas management.


Lead-Based Paint

We assess your situation and develop a strategy to mitigate or remediate the lead based paint materials or surfaces in or around your dwelling, building, or industrial facility.


MICROBIAL Investigations

We help limit potential mold liabilities by conducting a microbial assessment for building owners and insurance agents.

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Soil & Groundwater Remediation

We provide services to mitigate contamination in soil and groundwater by using innovative environmental remediation methods to achieve the required remediation objectives of site closure and no further action (NFA) documentation.

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storage Tanks

We assist storage tank owners and operators in meeting compliance with federal and state requirements. Our staff provide site assessment services during closure and we are experienced with preparing written reports to satisfy federal and state reporting obligations.