Aboveground Storage Tanks

EMC prepares and certifies Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans for facilities that are subject to the United States regulations 40 CFR Part 110 and 40 CFR Part 112, which came into effect on August 16, 2002 (including all subsequent amendments). The Plans are completed utilizing good engineering practices with consideration to applicable industry standards. EMC has a professional engineer on staff that can prepare, update and certify your SPCC plans.

Underground Storage Tanks

The Underground Storage Tank Program is responsible for assuring that all regulated underground storage tanks meet EPA and state requirements for release detection, spill and overflow prevention and corrosion protection, and to insure that tanks not meeting those requirements are properly closed or upgraded.

EMC will assist underground storage tank owners and operators in meeting compliance with federal and state requirements. We have significant experience working within state programs to properly close USTs. These closures include removal and in-place closure. Many of these closures are performed within the excess liability trust fund parameters. Our staff will provide site assessment services during closure and we are experienced with preparing written reports to satisfy state reporting obligations.